C19th Britain
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. FILMS . TV Series .

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Young Victoria
. Early years of Victoria’s life
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North & South
. Family relocating to a Northern industrial town, get caught up in cotton factory life, including industrial unrest.
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Bleak House
. Classic BBC production about the C19th legal system

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Jane Ayre
. Classic period drama
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. A look at the impact of industrialisation on a small town
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Forsthye Saga
. Upper class life in Victorian Britain

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Mrs Brown
. Covers the period after her husband's death, when Queen Victoria was very depressed & became dependent on her servant.

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Sherlock Holmes
. Period detective drama, set in the east end of London



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Seven Wonders of the Industrial World
. Outstanding collection of achievements of the Industrial revolution. Not all UK based.
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Victorian Heroes
. Fred's personal look at his Victorian heroes including, Brunel & Stephenson
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. Portrait of PM Disraeli during the reign of Queen Victoria

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Victorian Farm
. Reliving the life on a Victorian Farm for a year
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. Paxman’s take on the Victorian era
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What the Victorians did for us
. Impact of the Victorians and the legacy


. youtube.

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. Museums .

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Beamish Museum
County Durham

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The Black Country
Living Museum

Dudley, West Mids

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Iron Bridge Museums
Ironbridge, Shrops

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Preston Park Museum


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County Durham

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The Victoria & Albert Museum

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Acton Scott Farm Museum


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SS Great Britain

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Ripon Museum
North Yorks

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Sheffield Industrial Museums
Sheffield, Yorks

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Scottish Museums

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Bradford Industrial Museum
Bradford, Yorks

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Big Pit
South Wales

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Museum of Science & Industry

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Quarry Bank Mill

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Leeds Industrial Museum
Leeds, Yorks