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We are an experienced team of history teachers dedicated to providing comprehensive, well presented resources for teachers and students. The history team have taught a wide range of topics and exam syllabuses, experimenting with different approaches and strategies to students across the ability range.

All our resources - notes, worksheets, media - are tried and tested and we hope will be of benefit to all those interested in history.
Additional advice is available for teachers with regard to behaviour management and teaching strategies as well fun activities to try in the classroom.

Some of our resources are free to download. Others are offered for a small charge, due to the huge amount of time they have taken to prepare. They are also available on TES resources. We pride ourselves on producing resources of the highest quality and are certain you will find them extremely useful in the classroom.

GCSE AQA History
for teaching from September 2016 onwards

Paper 1:
Period Studies & Wider World Depth Studies

Students study ONE Period Study & ONE Wider World Depth Studies

Section A: Period Studies
Focus on key developments in a country's history over at least a 50 year period.

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Section B: Wider World Depth Studies
Focus on international conflict and tension.

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Paper 1 Exam: One hour & 45 minutes

Section A: six compulsory questions
Section B: four compulsory questions

Paper 2:
Shaping the Nation

Students study ONE Thematic Study & ONE British Thematic Study

Thematic Studies
Key developments in Britain over a long period.

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British Thematic Studies
Study of a specific historic environment.

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Paper 2 Exam: One hour & 45 minutes

Section A: four compulsory questions
Section B: four compulsory questions