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Whilst the the website undergoes an upgrade, please find all our resources on the TES website.

Welcome to the resources & download area.

Check out the exam board and find the topics you require. We are currently integrating a new payment system. During this period the resources are available on the TES, or you can contact me
and resources can be directly emailed to you.
We use ‘wetransfer.com’ for large file trnasfers.

A lot of time has been spent preparing these resources. Each is specific to the appropriate exam board. and a variety of worksheets for use with all abilities.

I have taken care to creatively designed resources, which are well laid out, attractive and directed to specific types of exam questions.

“ We have worked hard to produce exam board specific resources ….historystudent.co.uk
“ We welcome feedback on all our resources as we continually strive update and improve them ….historystudent.co.uk


We are currently overhauling all of our units of work to meet the new exam board specifications.

This will take some time !

Please check back regularly as new topics are added.

Our units of work cover the major exam boards including:

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recommended resources

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Resources for
Edexcel History GCSE & IGCSE.

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Resources for
AQA GCSE History

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Resources for
OCR GCSE History

All downloads are for use for personal and school use. No commercial gain may be made from using these resources.

“ Many of our units of work include a variety of activities and exercises for students of all abilities ….historystudent.co.uk

FREE Samples

Check out the quality of the resources with these FREE samples, from the available units of work.


American West

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Cold War

10 of 40 pages

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10 of 40 pages