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Whilst the website undergoes a revamp our resources are available on under ‘historystudentcouk’


Welcome to

I am an experienced history teacher dedicated to providing comprehensive, well presented resources for teachers and students. Every resource is designed for the specific syllabus.
I have taught a wide range of topics and exam syllabuses, experimenting with different approaches and strategies to students across the ability range.
All our resources - notes, worksheets, media - are tried and tested and we hope will be of benefit to all those interested in history.
Additional advice is available for teachers with regard to behaviour management and teaching strategies as well fun activities to try in the classroom.
The resources are competitively priced, and our copyright allows for photocopying for students in your school. This makes them excellent value.
We are TES recommended. We pride ourselves on producing resources of the highest quality and are certain you will find them extremely useful in the classroom.

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Our download area for your classroom resources.
High quality, well presented pdfs specific to the exam boards

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Our recommended films, documentaries & youtube clips plus museums and websites.

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Some general advice on classroom management and teaching strategies.

Our aim: to provide the best GCSE History resources

I have a simple aim - to help students, teachers and parents by preparing comprehensive resources for students by way of notes and worksheets, for most history GCSE topics covered in schools.There are loads of fun exercises and activities to better help prepare for exam questions. The notes are well laid out, exam board specific and excellent value for money.

We hope you find our resources* extremely valuable for GCSE History students. Well laid notes are suitable for students of all abilities. The notes are exam board specific.
Many of the resources include lots of different activities to engage the students and add variety to the lessons.
What you won't find is prescriptive lesson plans - we provide the foundation you use as best suits your style and classes.
The 'Teacher Area' contains behaviour strategies to help motivate students & lots of teaching strategies and tips to help engage & motivate students of all abilities.
Coming soon is an app containing lots of fun activities and quizzes to use in the classroom.
We welcome your feedback and suggestions - please contact us.
* for use in the classroom, not to be used for commercial gain
Research - the dreaded word that teachers use when setting homework. Hours spent on the internet trying to find sites with useful information to help with your homework. The internet is full of sites that are poorly presented, difficult to understand or simply lack the information you need. contains all the information you need to help you better understand GCSE history taught in schools. It is aimed to complement the work done in the classroom, with bullet pointed facts, information maps, diagrams, word searches, plus pictures and videos and loads of links to further your knowledge.

There are lots of great exercises and activities to help you better understand and remember all the information you need, plus lots of build-up exercises to prepare you for the exam questions.

As teachers and parents we have spent and wasted many an hour on the internet trying to find information and resources to help our children with their homework and project work, struggling to find the right information or websites that are at the right level. The resources are specifically aimed at GCSE students - with each exam board represented where possible. Students will be able to access the information, make use of it, learn & improve their historical understanding to help them achieve their potential at GCSE level.
For parents these can provide a useful guide and help you keep up with their studies.
The resource section recommends dozens of films and documentaries on the GSCE topics your children are studying. watch together and learn!
Additionally links will take you to museums and the likes that might be of interest as well as YouTube clips recommended DVDs.
Learn together and enjoy history all over again!

(Is in dollars as I am in a country with a dollar based currency)
My aim is to produce high quality resources, in terms of lay-out and comprehensiveness. With notes tailored to each exam board.

Pricing is very competitive and represents excellent value for schools. All resources can be photocopied for same school use - reducing the cost per head markedly.

Some resources are FREE to download and use.

The notes are designed to be clear and easily accessible to students of all abilities.
The worksheets are a mixture of styles to offer a range for the teacher and student.
Some are simple tests of knowledge others build-up exercises for exam style questions.
Others like wordsearch and crosswords are activities that are popular with students, but take a lot of time to prepare for teachers.